Is anything more heartening than a Chickadee?

I don’t think so. The life force made visible in a small neat continuum with a black beret.

And thus to human politics in this, our republic. I don’t opine on such things here a lot — I don’t opine here a lot period — but there’s something about the phenom of volunteers in the snow of NH that seems to suit my blogmood. I’m not sure how I feel about Bernie Sanders candidacy; I like and respect his general views, leaving aside things like his votes against better gun control leg, which were forced, I’m sure, by constituent realities every bit as much as HRC’s vote for the Iraq military force authorization was forced by the fall of the WTC towers. I don’t think he could do what he’s promulgating if elected, because I don’t think he has the coattails to change the population of the Congress. I’m not sure Hillary does either – probably not, is my guess – but she’s a tough practical politician. And there’s nothing the Republican endtimers financed by Kochetalia International can pull on her, short of assassination or kidnaping, that she hasn’t seen before.

I wish the NJ primary wasn’t so late. It usually doesn’t make much, or any, difference to the outcome in these days of prix fixe conventions. I’d love to see a really open convention. The Republicans may get one whether the grandees want one or not.

But back to chickadees… and splendid fat squirrels hanging upside down at the feeder at dusk. And snow lingering on a small row of bricks, a white patch on each one like a miniature shirtfront.

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