Aaaannd… now, after a triumphant gig on the Western Front, it’s…

Hello, my poor, patient, neglected blog! My only excuse, really, is genetics. My late mom was a pretty good diary-starter, but diary-continuer, well…

It has just rained seriously for the first time in about a month, seriously as opposed to those dilettante dribbles we occasionally have been taunted with overnight, leaving only a ghostly darkening of the street and the fugitive small of dampened asphalt. And there was thunder with it. The strange streaks of botanical origin (I suspect pine pollen) all over the car have been rinsed off, and I swear I heard birds singing with lyrics deep in the grateful tree foliage.

We either have or have not lost one of our house-sharing tenants (I have a strange aversion to the word tenant). C. got shafted by her evil employer with no notice just before the July 4 hol, and she a full Vice President overseeing a division that was turning a profit, under her aegis, for the first time in quite a while . She’d been brought in as a troubleshooter, and she shot their trouble dead — and they canned her without preamble and no excuse but “We’re restructuring… and you’d be welcome to apply for these other jobs in the company”! To which she said, possibly silently, “After what you’ve just done to me? I’m afraid not.”

But she got head-hunted instantly, and has a couple hot prospects in the area, so perhaps she can stay with us after all. Hope so.

The election season bumbles along. It’s mordantly entertaining to watch the Republican Big Boys trying to promote Romney as a likeable, trustworthy guy who just wants to help the Average Man. The London Olympics loom — the Sibling and I will probably watch chunks of it, out of sentiment for Blighty if no other reason. I’ll be interested to see how they present the Modern Pentathlon, which should really be called the Dashing Actionthon, since it encompasses the stuff that a swashbuckling hero in a classic movie had to do: fencing, cross-country running, swimming, pistol shooting, and show-jumping on horseback. Nothing about balcony-scaling, but that’s about the only thing missing. The women’s event was only addded in 2000. Apparently it’s an endangered Olympic species, because only the Eastern Europeans follow it, so this year may be the last for it.

I remember being fascinated, watching some wintertime European athletic competition, by the combination x-country skiing/rifle shooting event, whatever that’s called. These incredibly fit guys skiing fast on a x-country route laid out thru the woods, and periodically they’d throw themselves down in the snow and fire with what looked like army-issue rifles at distant targets, get up and fooossh off again at speed. There was something strange and heroic about it. I wondered at the time if it originated in combat training somewhere in northern Europe.

More later. Been reading about WW2 lately, specifically the Battle of Britain, and cogitating on various things that spring to mind, about national consciousness, ideas of honor… stuff like that.

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