Kate Beaton’s web comics Q & A

Yesterday – after posting here – I discovered that Kate Beaton on Tumblr is compiling A’s to the many Q’s she’s gotten about the webcomic world and business. She’s putting it up in 2 parts, the 2nd one still to come. The first was excellent, full of meaty tips and practicalities threaded thru with the practicepracticepractice theme … and also with the injunction to believe in oneself.

I don’t lust after fame and fortune. Don’t aspire to The New Yorker (Beaton’s had stuff in there). I do wonder about the likelihood of someone my age getting any readership, and then being able to monetize a bit. I had an idea for an initial strip – Why I Can’t Do This, Probably or some such heading, to lay out the fears and doubts in swattable form. Riddikulus! One of them was the age thing, and I did a quick sketch of self with long beard interfering with my drawing surface or keyboard. Now that I contemplate the idea, perhaps obscuring, hanging jowls would be more likely. But too icky to draw!

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