O, what a rogue & indifferent blogger am I. And a homewrecker.

Disclaimer: No Palin reference intended in that post title.

RL in its various kittenish disguises has been inserting itself between my blog and me. OK, maybe kittenish is the wrong word – RL is unlikely to be chasing foil balls across the floor. Speaking of floors, that’s one of the li’l issues we’ve been dealing with: the interface between a darling, diabetic pug who sometimes doesn’t make it thru the night and the stick-on tiles under our old farmhouse sink. Sink has no under-cabinet and is partly supported by two cool-looking legs, one of which, as the Sibling observes, is Albert’s favorite indoor tree.

We thought we were cleaning up carefully after him, but…. Not only did the tiles suddenly reveal themselves to be loose, but a secretive little wildlife community had established itself down there near the wall during the warm days of autumn consisting of a very tiny kind of fruitfly that liked hanging out in the moist dark and a few even tinier spiders constructing minute webs along the baseboard to catch them. In a way, I hated to break it up.

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