More Primavera

In Botticelli’s famous painting La Primavera, one of the central figures – usually called the goddess Flora – has an expression on her face that one commentator (at least) called “wanton”. She’s robed in a flower-embroidered fluttering dress, and crowned with flowers, and is reaching into the fold of her skirts for a handful of blossoms to sprinkle and scatter on the earth.

Her expression is inviting, eternal, and quite wild.

She is the regeneration of vegetable Nature and all (and that’s all of us) that must have it. She’s essential flow, flora, flowers.

Today was her. A cool strong wind blowing from the northwest, high puffs of white cloud traveling, blue sky, bright strong sunshine in and out. The forsythia’s over, the pear tree blossoms are pale snow on the grass clumps, the branches of dogwood and redbud tossing. The light is so brilliant, the constantly moving shades of green, yellow, blue, white, green again so hypnotizing and arousing that I found it unsafe to drive, even just down to the supermarket and back, a five minute trip at most. I couldn’t stay focused. The gusting of air, of alternating cool and hot, the occasional wafts of fragrance – – it’s no time to operate heavy machinery!

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