The Goddess Manifest!

Yes, she is! I drove thru her reality this afternoon:
West through northern New Jersey on Interstate 80, thence northwest on NJ Route 15 to a small town called Lafayette in Sussex County, which occupies the upper-left corner of this fair, truly fair, state. But human polities have nothing to do with the reality I saw, which is the profundity of Fall in the northeastern seaboard of North America.

I make this trip roughly 2-3 times per month, picking up the Sibling from work in the late afternoon. It involves climbing up into the parallel bony ridges that angle across that corner, southwest-to-northeast, part of the greater Appalachians ultimately, perhaps to be considered an outlier of the Poconos? I don’t know, and does it matter? The glacially carved pattern is very clear on a map. Streams rush along here and there when the weather’s been this rainy, or in the Spring melt. The soil is acid, forested, thin on the granitic slopes, richer in the occasional broader valleys, some of which are floodplains of prehistoric lakes. Various minerals and metals were once profitably mined there.

Sometime in the last three days the Great Earth Mother, as she shows herself in this part of her world, put on her most glorious and awe-inspiring clothing. Her embroideries are now of fire, of amber, of secret purple and brooding maroon, of passionately reminiscent rose, of daffodil yellow, of lemon-silver-grey shimmering among weeds by the side of the asphalt.

Her robes roll and billow and swell and dip and dangle their lace over all the world. The staghorn sumacs are red, crimson, orange, every fiery color, the yellow giantess’ necklaces of wild grape are flung all over the wild trees, the maples are like triumphant warriors of the hour, the oaks are flushing reluctantly on the hillsides and near the old houses in the old towns, the mown grass is emerald. Even the dry cornstalks in the fields along Rte. 15 have a glamorous silver bloom on their broken sheaths.

I’ve never seen it better. I remember Carl Sagan saying that perhaps the Cosmos gave birth to conscious life so that it could perceive itself.

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