October sky

Today the Sibling and I went out driving on local errands, leaving the house at 3:30 or so to wend east and north around various north-central Jersey retail routeways, and coming westward and southward home as the Sun (our Primary, the Source of all that’s here) was sinking through the last 10 degrees of sky above our undulating horizon.

The light was astonishing in its subtlety and all-pervading autumn beauty. Sweeping, broad, somewhat curled masses of cloud took up much of the western sky. The sun’s old-gold fire was taken up, spread abroad, reflected, pinkened, pearlized, injected into every earthly color, so that those trees and grass-stems and filaments that are now tinting toward reds and purples were made soft rose, and those turning gold and yellow glowed tenderly from within. All still against pervading green, for the rains of September and this month have given most plants plenty of juice to keep their leaves going for the present.

Trundling in a petrol-burning car, among other petrol burning cars, I felt unworthy of such vast loveliness. But I am grateful for it.

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