A sort of challenge, I guess…

Recently I responded to a general call for ideas from a progressive Congressional reform citizen group that is, AFAIK, entirely or almost entirely internet based, as are so many effective efforts of that kind, hooray. (Of course, I’m only hooraying the progressive Good Guy ones.) They wanted notions from the Public At Large about building a good online presence, and I suggested a web comic. I did so under the profound influence of my profound admiration for the Lovelace & Babbage webtoon currently being manifested by Sydney Padua, girl genius animator and Canadian ex-pat in London (follow link under “O, the Creativity” at right, you won’t be sorry!)

I cautioned the webmeister of the progressive group that I am no expert on politics, Congress, DC kultur, but indeed only a humble ILLUSTRATOR, who could do an OK job ILLUSTRATING somebody else‘s cogent and funny script. “Find somebody cogent and funny who knows wot goes on in Congress, ” I said, “it could make a funny toon.” But alas, the nice meister wants to see a sketch, or draft, or something. Dear me.

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