Whither US

I will not, cannot, comment on various presages of BADness to Come on the national scene, beyond occasionally noting them:
– rightwing Senate incumbent in Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, is ousted in Rep. primary by more fascistoid challenger, Joe Miller, supported by t-partyists.
– Alan Simpson, former WY Senator and renowned Intolerant, should be booted off the Fiscal Whatsit commission for what he has said re: Social Security and its beneficiaries (among whom my sister and I are numbered) and about disabled veterans, but apparently the White House is afraid to do it.
– there are too many people who fit too well this compassionate and deeply worrying description, that of a woman interviewed at the Glenn Beck Monster Rally last Sat.

I could use a nice, sensible hurricane. We may get the tempestuous edge of Earl day after tomorrow. Rain and wind, lashing branches, maybe windows rattling. And not a moment of self-serving falsehood in the process.
I am pleased to note that the next named storm boiling westward is “Gaston”. Unfortunately it will not be possible to immediately produce one called “Alphonse” and have the two of them alternate which one is likely to first approach the perplexed coasts of the Midlantic States.

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