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Gardnerian? Eco-feminist? Scottish-Celtic? Asatru? What??

I saw a snippet just now on the BBC World News that Christine “Slow Hand” O’Donnell, recently elevated Tea Priestess to the Shrieking Anti-Kenyan Party, Delaware Chapter, may run into a li’l snag with her adoring constituency due to her … Continue reading

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Deep breath, in & out

A brief note of a financial nature: without going into bloody detail, my sister and I no longer have to look forward to month after month of quivering on the edge of spending the literal last penny before the next … Continue reading

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A sort of challenge, I guess…

Recently I responded to a general call for ideas from a progressive Congressional reform citizen group that is, AFAIK, entirely or almost entirely internet based, as are so many effective efforts of that kind, hooray. (Of course, I’m only hooraying … Continue reading

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Fine old tradition

Thought I would honor the Friday Cat Blogging ritual by posting a pic of one of our overlords on a Thursday: This is Jingle, taken last winter in the south-facing dining room window. It’s blurry, but what the hey. Jingle … Continue reading

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Pas d’Earl

Initial disclaim: I know that lots of places got, and may yet get, more than they want of Hurricane Earl’s effects. We didn’t, and that’s what I’m complaining about, because we need rain here. Also I like dramatic weather. Ol’ … Continue reading

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Whither US

I will not, cannot, comment on various presages of BADness to Come on the national scene, beyond occasionally noting them: – rightwing Senate incumbent in Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, is ousted in Rep. primary by more fascistoid challenger, Joe Miller, supported … Continue reading

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