Art, art, art

I’m a semi-unemployed illustrator, artist, designer, a clinging habitue of Craig’s List, etc. I get a gig every once in a while, and I’d dearly love to build up a little business doing pet portraiture, but for right now what’s needed is a JOB!!

(There, I thought I should get that outta my system.)

How I long to go illustrating wildly wherever my girlish fancy leads! The golden age of illustration for publications (books, magazines) is long, long gone – but looking at the stuff the ladies did back in the 1900s, 1910s, 20s, etc. (a lot of them were ladies) in sources like the Dover books of “commercial cuts”, or the work of the better known pros done for story illustration or for display ads, fills me with a jealous ache.

I may insert a stray image of my own every once in a lavender moon… but until that happy occasion, anyone who wants to see an ace web comic that features wild humor, REAL history, TRUE science, delightful nerdiness, thrilling adventure and great drawing — that transcends jejune trendiness and minimal nothingness like Elizabeth I of England swamping Sarah Palin — that satisfies every illustration-lover’s deepest desires! — should click on and delve into The Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage. I will say no more!

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