Identity thphfft

One has so many personae-de-web. It’s so confusing. I’m not sure how wise it is to reveal that one master(?)mind is behind all the various pseudonyms one has accumulated, like lint, in one’s travels through the aether. But anyway. I, Mary Ellen whose new blog this is, affirm that I am the “Li’l Innocent” occasionally popping in otherwise blameless people’s comments. Also “suedoise” (part of my e-mail; came to me on a flaming pie in the previous century). Also “blueeyedgrass” (on Twitter. Inconvenient to type, no pies involved, but one of the nicer images in the English tongue.)

There, I’m sure that’s less confusing for the everyone who will one day doubtless find themselves here. One of my favorite blog names – that is, the name of the blog itself – is “Onanism Today”. Says it all for a lot of us little voices twirling around out here! The site itself is apparently no more, or I’d give a linkout – the guy was good.

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