Rain! Want!

Maybe that should be Want! Rain!
I feel bad wanting it, in a way, with all those terrible floods in Asia. I can’t imagine such suffering. Just sent a few bucks to UNICEF for the flood relief in Afghanistan. The fact remains that we could use a drop or 3 here in northern NJ.

The grass and the shallower rooted perennials, like the wild white woods aster (of which we have a plethora) visibly have their collective tongue hanging out during these hot, sunny hours. Grass is pretty much dormant, except that unknown slightly broad-leaved variety that’s dominant near the back of the house under the closer oak. And speaking of  oaks – I gotta Google this, but both our backyard oaks are shedding immature acorns like there’s no tomorrow. Bang, smack, plop, day and night. I suppose I must rake them. I hope it’s weather-related, and not some systemic problem of the trees themselves – they are closely related, and not too far from the same age, which I judge to be middle-aged for an oak (they’re both black oaks) – maybe 200 or so. Usually we don’t get a drop like this until the nuts are maturing in Sept-October.

Ah, well. Nature disposes.

Update: I did google the acorn drop, found a good online Long Island newspaper column that explains interestingly that it is indeed drought-related. Also interesting, tho here I’m reading between the lines: the disparity between which trees are dropping may have to do with the difference in maturation schedules: the red oak group, which includes black oaks, develop their acorns from ovaries fertilized the previous year’s spring. Whereas the white oak group, of which there are also plenty around here, are maturing acorns fertilized this very May.

Hope it won’t be too hard a winter, because a lot of critters depend on acorns for food. And who knows whether we (meaning my sister & me) will be here to toss everyone a few corncobs to take up the slack?

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