Google doesn’t know everything

— for one thing, it can’t find a science fiction story, a remarkably feminist SF story, that I read at age 14 or so in one of the Golden Age monthlies. Maybe F&SF. Probably F&SF. The title was, IIRC, “The Chestnut Necklace”. It concerned a secret sorority that recruited college girls without revealing its true nature, and called on them to act only after the Powers That Are (male Powers, needless to elaborate) had unleashed a nuclear holocaust. Published in the mid 1950s, folks. Don’t remember the authoress’ name – but unless she was pulling a reverse-James Tiptree on us all, she was a she.

It was an eerie, sharp-fanged, fascinating story, or so I remember. It even had a sex scene that was deeply and bitterly from a female POV. In an SF magazine. In the mid 50s. Those under 45 or so will not easily grasp how amazing that is, but take my word for it.

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