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Simple thoughts

Musing on the BP oil spill… and on ecological problems in general… brings to mind a bit of footage I saw on the telly many, many yrs ago, must have been in the early 70s at the latest. It was … Continue reading

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Wish I were a naturalist…

What I want is a little wild stream winding through a small but varied countryside. It should be well away from traveled roads, and the only obtruding post-industrial noises the occasional plane (preferably prop plane!) bumbling overhead. A few small … Continue reading

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Art, art, art

I’m a semi-unemployed illustrator, artist, designer, a clinging habitue of Craig’s List, etc. I get a gig every once in a while, and I’d dearly love to build up a little business doing pet portraiture, but for right now what’s … Continue reading

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A little rain in the suburbs Lightgreen, midgreen drifts on the weathermap Not sluicing, washing, slaking, just a little The ground, the leaves, open up a little Tall trees take first Netted in the top levels Beyond their reach, slight … Continue reading

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Identity thphfft

One has so many personae-de-web. It’s so confusing. I’m not sure how wise it is to reveal that one master(?)mind is behind all the various pseudonyms one has accumulated, like lint, in one’s travels through the aether. But anyway. I, … Continue reading

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Rain! Want!

Maybe that should be Want! Rain! I feel bad wanting it, in a way, with all those terrible floods in Asia. I can’t imagine such suffering. Just sent a few bucks to UNICEF for the flood relief in Afghanistan. The … Continue reading

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The pberils of pblogging

The perils are, based on 2 days’ intensive experience: – vainglory: I Haz a Prezence! – time wasting: My 4th evah post, and I’m P-Shopping special art for it when I should be working on an actual paying gig. No, … Continue reading

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